Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life is a Constant Journey

"Life is a constant journey
People around me are traveling with me
Every moment of our lives we make connection
And as we rest in peace, we bid our sweet goodbye."


When I was born into this world
My eyes open seeing my parents smiling back at me
They held my hands to guide my first steps
And prepared me to journey outside our home

My friends are my sweet companions along my journey
They walk side-by-side and hand-in-hand with me
While we stride our little steps we joyfully sing and dance
And together we celebrate life with our youthful fun

We appreciate those who help us to find our way
The warm people around us who are always there to care
They truly give meaning and purpose to our little 'journeys'
They prepared us for a bigger one with their loving advice

I now understand that life is a constant journey
Where other co-journeyers always cross our road
We meet new friends as we travel everyday
Where we also bid good bye at the end of each day

And when evening falls come I will tell to my God:
"Thank you for the beautiful journey," as I pray fervently to Him...
"Bless us always... until we get old...
And until we find our journey going back to You." denmar


take your time
make every moment worthwhile
pause to appreciate the little things 
that made you smile and made you cry

take time to grow old
and age gracefully
leave everything behind
take nothing but memories. denmar


time to rest but no time for it
time to work but no strength for it

time to love but not focused on it
time to go but no reason to leave.

this is an attention deficit society. denmar


drop everything for your everything in life. denmar
in my eyes you are always beautiful
for me you are always my queen... denmar


stop running away from your self
stop running away from love. denmar

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Date ni Lolo at Lola


valentine's day na naman
halika na aking mahal
sabay nating babalikan
ang ating masayang nakaraan

sariwain natin ang kahapon
ng magkahawak kamay
isa-isa nating balikan
ang landas na ating tinahak

kung hindi ka makakasama
dahil mahina na ang iyong katawan
kakalungin kita
gaya ng bago tayong kasal

sa matagal nating pinagsama
ito ang na-realized ko...
na hindi naman pala sa garbo ng selebrasyon
nagiging matamis ang lahat

dahil wala palang valentine's day
kung wala ka rin lang sa tabi ko
na kahit uugud-ugod na
naniniwala pa rin sa mga pambobola ko

aaminin kong muli ito
at sasabihin ng paulit-ulit sa iyo
na kung uulitin ko ang buhay ko
ikaw pa rin ang mamahalin ko

alam mong hindi ako perpekto
dahil nagkasala ng paulit-ulit sa iyo
pero dahil sa pagtitiyaga at pagtanggap mo
tuluyang nagbago ako

maaaring tayo ay bingi na
at malabo na rin ang mga mata
pero ang ating mga puso
ay nananatiling nag-iibigan

magkahawak kamay
nating sabay sambitin
ang matatamis na pangako
na nagbigkis sa atin:

"ikaw ang paulit-ulit kong
tanging mamahalin
sa bawat sandali
ng aking natitirang buhay"

"ikaw ang paulit-ulit kong
tanging iibigin
hanggang sa pinakahuli-hulihan
ng aking nalalabing paghinga..."

huwag kang mag-alala aking mahal
makalimutan mo man ito dahil sa iyong 'demensya'
ipapaalala kong lagi ito sa iyo
ilalagay kong lagi ang iyong kamay sa tapat ng aking puso

halika na aking mahal
sabay nating babalikan
ang ating masasayang nakaraan
dahil valentine's day na naman. denmar


when we start to make sense to others, they will start to listen.
when we start saying what they are thinking, they will start following.

when we start to say that we are different from the crowd, start wondering
because what you would see in the mirror is the image of the crowd.

you are a leader... the face of the crowd
you are also a servant... a member of the crowd. denmar

Dying for Love

dying could always be painful
but if the reason of my death
is the LOVE of YOU that i can conquer
then, let that death be
every moment of my life. denmar


love is never perfect... the appreciation of it's imperfections perfects it.
love will always be painful but the reason of its pain make love lasts a lifetime. denmar


do not start your very first step if you are afraid because your entire journey will be a bitter one. denmar


appreciation will lead you to discover the genius of one another. denmar

A Flower From Heaven

it is always raining rose flowers everyday...
but there's only one in every ten billion flower roses
that you will catch and leave others behind.

what the catcher would choose
could be meaningless for us,
but for the catcher...
it could be his entire world,
it could be his entire everything.

go, now, my dear loving catcher...
go with your ever dearest evanescent rose flower now
we know that its petals will soon wilt and will soon die...
but i know
what you have caught and what you have embraced
with your whole soul in this lifetime
is a glimpse of eternity
in a moment that is dying...

what you hold treasure in your hands--
with its beauty and its thorns...
is a glimpse of the face of God in a moment that is ending
but surely your beloved rose will etched a happy memory
in the vastness of the universe
that would last forever
in the eternal time of God...

'till we meet again.' denmar

Love is in the Air

Den Mar shared a link.
Love is in the Air

love is in the air...
freshly springing from the dew covered grasses
flowering vividly with the sweetest scent
where God's creations sing and celebrate life 
and it seems this time everything will remain frozen in time
where my hand holds yours
as we gaze the golden sunset each late afternoon of our lives
where every night i will paint your beautiful face
with a beautiful smile with the stars above
to immortalize my love for you,
oh, sweetest and dearest angel of my life

there's only one thing i ask of you...
to remain with me always
so that in the last breath of my life
i could say to you again and again
that I'm truly blessed by God
to have you in my life
so that I could whisper in your ears...
the words: "I love you" unceasingly
where for the last time,
I will offer my last strength to hug you
and embrace you near my heart
so that I could say thank you for loving me
for sincerely accepting me for who I was
and for letting me to be myself--
the person you learned to love with all your heart...



  1. the perfection of every action is the presence of sincere love. denmar
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