Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lost Child of God

"In the end, our peace-offering to God 
is our broken and wounded heart..." den mar

I am a child of God
Even at times, I am lost
Even at times, I am broken into pieces
But still, I'm a wonderful child of God

Sometimes, I admit
I am begging for love
I look for the scraps
And own them as Your heart

But in the end, I am always hurt
For my heart is not loved back
I am 'used' and 'abused'
But, still, hoping to be loved

Until I found You, my Lord
When I gaze heavenward
With the stars I see Your face
Gazing on me from above

You never leave me alone
It's only me who always ignore You
You never love me less
You never give-up on me

I lift to You my life
I offer to You my final strength
And with my same burning desire
I finally give to you my love

I am Your child my God
Make me whole, accept my heart
Even now I am broken and shattered
I finally found You... who I desire from the start. den mar

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