Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Forgiveness

Last three days ago, I visited the Philippine National Orthopedic Hospital to meet a friend. A 63 year old lady was there sitting silently on her wheel chair. Her left foot was cemented for it was severely fractured. She told me that she was hit by a running pizza-delivery-motorcycle on the very early morning of June, 2011 on her way to the market where she was a street vendor. Her husband, 65, was not there to accompany her for he's been working; and her three children were not there also for they also have their own lives. I thought, the one who's being with her was her relative, but she simply smiled and added "siya yung nakabangga sa akin" without any tone or feeling of hatred for that person. I was silenced for a moment... deep within me, I realized that she's blessed by God for being a forgiving person.

Br. Dennis DC. Marquez, sSSS

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