Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My All

From the darkness of my life you were there
Reaching me out from my despair
Giving me light to see my way
Upon calling me by my name

I cried to You all my pains:
My brokenness… my life’s mistakes
Embracing me as you remain
Then my heart recognized Your holy face

Within Your eyes I have seen my eyes
A mere reflection of Your goodness
In the shadows of Your wings I have seen my self
A servant of Your most holy grace

With Your hands you held my trembling hands
Touching my afraid and refusing heart
Embracing me with Your securing arms of love
And my soul was filled with songs of praise for You…

“You’re my God and my all
You alone I adore
In Your works is a mighty presence
Of Your holiness I see

My heart sings joy to Your name
Proclaiming Your great majesty
You’re the living Christ who dwells in me
The Saving Lord, Jesus, I have known…”

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Br. Dennis DC. Marquez, sSSS

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