Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Peculiar Experience

My co-teacher told me that while on a passenger jeepney one night, a band of 'masked' teenagers broke-in with 'paltik' (home-made gun) and balisong (knife) to intimidate them as they declared "HOLD-UP!"They quickly ransacked each of the passengers with their valuables until they finally reached my co-teacher who was sitted at the back of the driver. One of them shouted, "akin na ang celfon... sasaksakin kita..." and my co-teacher was forced to submit his 'celfon.' But all of a sudden, another one shouted, "pare 'balato mo na sa akin yan! teacher ko kasi yan!"

My co-teacher was investigated in a nearby police station, but he failed to recognize the robbers.

My co-teacher told the police, "sa dinami-dami ng mga nagda-drop out na estudyante ko dahil sa sobrang kahirapan... malamang, ang ilan sa kanila e nakaisip na gumawa ng masama..."

And this incident challenged most of us teachers: to instill in the young mind of the youth that there's always hope amidst the so many trials in life.

What they need are real life examples, a hero, to emulate with. When we share our time, talents and treasures to them who are less fortunate, we also give a life which is full of hope. We show to them that the real world is not a cruel world to combat with.

We care for them... we see them and we sympathize with them because they co-exist with us... that their existence is important for they are a part of the entire humanity. We would realized that we are all connected... and we are connected by the LOVE springing from the ever compassionate heart of God.

Unless we would make ourselves available to them... then, they will believe that there's still hope. Unless.. we share to them what we have... then they will believe that we are sincere... Unless we reach for them... heart to heart... then we
could claim that we are all witnesses to a real loving world. It's not too late to start anew... the time is change our hearts and minds. Den Mar

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