Saturday, March 24, 2012


While on a Boy Scout outreach-program in a slum area... during meal time, I've seen a boy participant taking his share of snack of tetra-pack-juice and a piece of pandesal with egg but, surprisingly, he refused to eat it. Instead, he put it beside him. After giving the session, I met him outside with his bundle of joy (the snack) and asked him, "ngayon ka pa lang kakain?" and he answered, "hindi po, dadalhin ko po sa bahay, hindi pa po kasi kumakain ang mga kapatid ko kahapon pa e..." I was touched so I went with him and bring also my share of snack.

This boy who also have an empty stomach was so compassionate to his other siblings who has nothing to eat. I thank God for sending this kid to me for he has reminded me to be KIND and compassionate with others who are in also in need.

As I reflected, indeed, this is beyond Scouting, it's an act of charity which only God's children manifests.

Br. Dennis DC. Marquez, sSSS

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