Friday, June 29, 2012


Once there were two old beggars who were hit by a fast running car. They were almost dead when the Angel of Death rushed to them, at their last breath He asked them if they still want to live. The old man said, "All throughout, I'd been so poor... I still want to experience the happiness others enjoy... I still want to become rich, to be famous to be powerful..." The old woman, as she grasped for her last breath, whispered her request to the Angel of Death... then, died.

The old man walked up as if everything was a dream. He found himself inside a luxurious room. When he had seen his face on the mirror... what he saw was a dashing good looking young man. When he open his room, servants were waiting for him at his command; when he looked over the balcony, mob of people were so crazy shouting his name as if he was a God! While in another room, a harlem of beautiful women were shouting "I love you."

While feasting on the most delicious food on earth, he heard a ringing phone, suddenly a hologram appeared in front of him. It was the president of the other nation pleading for him not to raid and bomb their hungry country. Grinning cruelly, he enjoyed the moment for this is what he dreamed of... to be loved, to be rich, and to be powerful. He laughed, saying to himself, "Now it's my time to shine!"

The next day he has sent his troop and bombed the other country to possessed it. He did it to other neighboring countries. He almost conquered the world. He became so rich that he possessed the riches of the vast land. He was so powerful that he enslaved almost the humanity with his greed... he earned the reputation... the prestige he ever longed for but he earned more enemies. He thought, he could be happy by acquiring everything, but still, he thirsted for more after these success over success.

But the memory of his wife lingered on his mind. The treasures he have acquired did not sufficed for long. There was emptiness lurking inside of him. He started to search for someone who would loved him like his wife. He hoped to find someone who could be his companion... someone, who, he could share what he had in his lifetime... happiness, love, and treasure.

One day, on his way to his palace, he met a beautiful woman with the eyes which resembled the eyes of his wife. Instantly, he fell in love. He courted the woman and after sometime they get married. On their honeymoon, he admitted that he loved the woman's eyes and he told the reason why. Days past, the beautiful woman left him. On a note she wrote: "I'm so sorry, I found someone else who is more powerful than you are." He cried. The woman only loved her power.

Some years past, while driving a luxurious sports car on a trip to the country side, she met a woman with hair as beautiful as her first wife. She tried to stop his own self. But the woman with the beautiful hair was the first one who did the motive. Until, she finally got his attention. He thought that it was now a true love but he waited for some more signs. The woman kissed his lips when he bid goodbye. That was the sign he was waiting for so he went back again to her the next day and stayed until the night. They have a romantic night together. The next day they got married.

He never told the reason why she loved the woman. But the country girl told the man, "I know you loved me because of my hair, maybe, this remind me of someone you have loved."

The man fell ill. His wife managed his vast enterprise. She never visited him in the hospital for she always argue on the phone that she was too busy over their business. She sent her with so many documents to sign with and with trust without even reading about it he just signed. Until the day he recovered. He never found her wife again, there was only a note on their bed from her saying, "thanks for the good times, I found someone richer than you. One day, I will take from you something that will remind me of you. In return, I will send you what you really love about me."

He cried. For a long time he was so sad. He chose to be alone.

Until one day, he tried to reinvent his self. He looked onto the mirror. Fixed his face. Comb his hair. Dressed well... put on his tuxedo and sprayed on him the most expensive perfume. Totally, he was changed. What he now saw on the mirror was a gorgeous looking debonair. With a youthful smile, he hit the road and went to the night.

Upon entering a French restaurant, he bumped into a angel looking lady. Her face was like the face of his first wife. But he did not want to spoil the night. He just helped her and went to his place. He was alone at his table. He just drank some wine. Until the music of the night as the hour passed became so romantic. Loneliness started to lurk in him. Couples were already dancing. He just let them and drank harder. One lady, approached him: "Would you mind to dance my friend, she's a little bit like a wall flower." The lady pointed to the angel looking lady she just bumped with before reaching his table. He looked at her, like him she was also alone.

He stood up. He went towards her. He opened her arms and invited the angel looking lady for a dance. The music is now sweeter. The angel looking lady accepted his invitation. They found themselves in each others' arms. They have a little chat... then, they smiled at each other, looked onto each one's eyes. The lights became dimmer and the music became sweeter. As they danced, they closed their eyes until they felt their lips kissing each others. He whisphered, "You are so beautiful." The angelic faced woman replied, "You are so handsome."

Times past, he loved the woman more and more. But his illness persevere. It turned out as cancer. He needed to undergo some sessions of chemotherapy. His hair started to worn off. The angelic faced woman was so sad every time she visited him. She was so upset. When she was visiting the man in the hospital, her phone usually rang. Then she would hurried herself out and promised to be back again. Until months passed, she never returned. She just received the news that she already moved with the poor cute guy who usually called her in the hospital.

After some years, the man recovered. He went out of the hospital but he was not as strong as before, as good looking as before. He now walked with a crutch. His color, so pale. He hair, gone.

When he tried to get home, his mansion was full of army. He thought that they just did not recognized him that's why they don't let him in. But upon arguing, he recognized that the mansion and all of his properties were already taken from him by the woman with the golden hair. The guard gave him something from her. It was wrapped in a silk, it was the golden hair of the woman. There's a note" "Now we're even."

He walked so sad. He's now ugly and poor. He tried to call his friends but they were not responding for the entire nation is now in chaos. They were attacked by the rebels. From the television on a store he went in, he heard that the rebels were looking for him. The woman speaking was his wife, the woman with the beautiful eyes. He had seen that his mansion was bombed, 'the woman with the golden hair must be dead by now,' he thought. The nation, because of his greed and tyranny, hunted him. They want him dead. They placed a high reward on his head.

He covered his face. He went out from the store. The snow outside started to fall. He tried to run but it was too cold. His legs were almost numbed. He reached the road. With his crutch his already exhausted. It's getting dark and he was already halfway crossing. Suddenly, a car from the darkness honked. It was already too late. He was hit, blood run from his head. Two people went out from the car. The woman from the car screamed, "No!" The man laugh, "It's okay, he's the man shown from the television... now we are rich!" The woman cried. She was the woman with the beautiful face."

At his last breath, the Angel of Death rushed to the man asking him the same question if he still want to live again. The old man said, "Not anymore, I'm already contented and so sorry for everythng..." He added, "I was wrong... life is not about riches, power and prestige. It's about love. Happiness is a choice... life is all about attitude. I failed when given the chance... and even lost the person who loved me most... I should have been contented with her... all my life, I'd been looking for her."

Then a soul appeared to him saying, "Come to me now... rest with me." It was his first wife. The Angel of Death told him, "before she died, she whispered to me that she want her bastard husband be back to her..." I asked her why and she gave me three reasons: "because she found her greatest treasure in you, because you were the most handsome man for her and because you were the reason of her life." Then the man asked the Angel of God, "Why did she not chose to be with me then?" The Angel of Death said, "because whatever happened, she simply knew that you would look for her."
Then the old man hugged the spirit of her wife.

Den Mar