Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Master's Touch

Since my childhood
I am am forsaken
I am so familiar with loneliness
I call it my home
It is a world
That I can say
That I am all alone

All throughout my life
I thought, I am all alone
In a world that separated me
From being loved and unloved

But, there is something that I am missing
They were the hands that racked my cradle
When my mother and my father were all gone
When they said goodbye and return no more

They were the hands who touched me when I cry
They were the hands which soothed my fears
They were the hands where I cried all my silent pains
They were the hands that changed my life

The memory of these hands keeps on reminding me
That guardian angels are there watching over me
Until the time that my death has come
Only there I knew who were the owners of those loving hands

They were the hands of the Master (God)
Who touches me when I cry
Who cradles me into sleep
Who loves me for who I am

My heart knows that they were really the hands of the Master
Because they have the same warmth when I am cradled by Him
They have the same tender voice calling me by my name
They have the same touch that cradle me all through out my life.

Dennis DC. Marquez